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About BioDynami:

BioDynami is a US-based NGS reagent company that has developed breakthrough DNA Library Prep technology. BioDynami’s kits for the illumina platform require significantly less hands-on laboratory time. In a head-to-head comparison, samples prepared using the BioDynami kit provided high quality NGS sequencing data fully comparable with the sequencing data from samples prepared using comparable kits from KAPA and NEB that are both more expensive and required nearly twice as much hands-on time.

  • High library conversion efficiency
  • Better coverage at difficult regions
  • Limited GC bias across whole genome
  • Libraries ready in under 2 hours with only 7-15 minutes of hands-on time
  • Very competitive prices
  Kits for Illumina Platform  Starting DNA type  Starting DNA amount
 NGS DNA Library Prep Kit  sheared DNA  100-1000 ng
 NGS nano DNA Library Prep Kit  sheared DNA  1-100 ng
 NGS ChIP-Seq Library Prep Kit  sheared DNA  5-30 ng
 NGS cfDNA Library Prep Kit  cell free DNA  1-20 ng
 NGS FFPE DNA Library Prep Kit  sheared DNA  10-50 ng
 NGS Genome-to-Library Prep Kit  intact genomic DNA  100-500 ng


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