High Quality Results from Macrogen’s Express Sanger Sequencing Service


  • Plasmid or PCR productgraph
  • Individual tubes or 96-well plates*
  • Express service at economy sequencing prices
  • Results within 2 days of sample pick-up
  • Daily pickup Sunday thru Wednesday from most areas in Israel
  • Cutting edge capillary sequencing
  • Reliable long-read lengths (1,100bp)
  • Satisfaction guarantee – Single re-sequencing of express samples in tubes are free of charge
  • Send us your specific sequencing primer (recommended) or use our free Universal Primers.

Save time and money by using our advanced Eco-Seq process to place your orders for sequencing services.

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*Plate sequencing with multiple primers is where you can use up to 6 primers that they are specified on one plate  to sequence individual wells or areas  in one plate.  This applies to whether the plate is full  or partially full.  Plate sequencing with one primer is when a plate is sequenced using one primer whether the plate is full or partially empty. Each time a specific plate is sequenced with one primer a charge of plate sequencing is incurred.

For questions and assistance please contact Syntezza Bioscience, our staff of trained Molecular Biology professionals will be happy to assist you at sequencing@syntezza.com

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