Next Generation Sequencing

Cost Effective Premier NGS Library Prep Kits

  • Bioo Scientifics premier NGS library prep kit demonstrated superior performance in a head-to-head comparison with the more expensive library prep kits from New England Biolab and Roche-Kapa Biosystems. Bioo Scientific’s protocols are easy to follow and execute.
  • BioDynami’s breakthrough NGS library kits require significantly less hands-on laboratory time (start to finish in 2 hours) and are priced to please. In a head-to-head comparison, samples prepared using the BioDynami kit provided high quality NGS sequencing data fully comparable with the sequencing data from samples prepared using leading brands that are both more expensive and required nearly twice as much hands-on time.

Our NGS support staff can help you select the kit that best fits your research application. In addition, we can bundle in your order all of the primers and bar-coded adapters that you do not have at your lab and that are required for NGS library preparation.   

Products for NGS Target Enrichment and Optimization

Integrated DNA Technologies is the world’s leading producer of DNA synthesis products and their expertise comes through in their xGEN products for NGS target enrichment. IDT’s xGen products enable greater sensitivity and higher sample throughout. 


We’ve made it easy to include Next Generation Sequencing in your research.

Syntezza has gathered the right collection of services and products from premier international suppliers to carry your research through each step of the NGS process.

• Outsource Your NGS Sequencing to BGI 
Cost Effective Premier Kits To Do Your Own Library Prep
NGS Target Enrichment and Optimization

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