NEXTflex® Small RNA-Seq Kit v3

From PerkinElmer Bioo Scientific 

Kit for preparing Small RNA sample libraries for Illumina® compatible NGS Sequencing 

  • Improved data accuracy
  • Increased miRNA detection
  • Improved coverage
  • Increased sample throughput
  • Reduce hands-on-time
  • Improved reproducibility and process control 

Introductory Kit – Only 613 NIS

Materials for preparing 8 DNA samples including barcodes

Limit one Introductory Kit per lab

Full Size Kit

Materials for preparing 48 DNA samples including 48 barcodes 

About the Kit

The NEXTflex™ Small RNA-Seq Kit v3 uses patented and patent-pending technology to provide a reduced-bias small RNA library preparation solution for Illumina® sequencing platforms with gel-free or low-input options. Bioo Scientific’s approach to reducing ligation-associated bias involves the use of adapters with randomized bases at the ligation junctions, resulting in greatly decreased bias in comparison to standard protocols. This reduction in bias results in data that more accurately represents abundances of small RNAs in the starting material. In addition, reduction of bias allows more miRNAs to be detected with fewer total reads, increasing efficiency and reducing cost for small RNA sequencing.

Gel-free Small RNA Library Prep. PAGE purification, required for traditional small RNA library prep, is tedious, time consuming, limits throughput, and prevents start-to-finish automation. The NEXTflex Small RNA-Seq Kit v3 allows for gel-free preparation. This is possible thanks to the dual approach used for adapter-dimer reduction. Unprecedented reduction of adapter-dimer formation allows completely gel-free small RNA library prep when starting with ≥200 ng of total RNA. Libraries prepared with the NEXTflex Small RNA-Seq kit v3 have a higher proportion of reads mapping to miRNAs (Fig. 1).

 small rna 1

Figure 1. Small RNA libraries were created in duplicate from the human brain total RNA and sequenced on an Illumina MiSeq. The indicated number of reads were sampled from each library and the average number of miRNA groups with ≥20 reads determined. The inset shows the number of reads required to detect 100 miRNA groups at a threshold of ≥20 reads

Low Input Small RNA Library Prep. The adapter-dimer reduction technology incorporated into this kit also allows low input library preparation. Library preparation with as little as 1 ng of total RNA is possible as additional PCR cycles can be performed without adapter-dimer products dominating the final library. Fig. 2 illustrated that expression values are reproducible across different sample inputs.

rna seq2

Figure 2. Correlation of miRNA expression between samples created with 100 ng and 10 ng total RNA from human brain with the NEXTflex Small RNA-Seq kit v3. The Pearson correlation coefficient is shown.

“In our studies, we found that NEXTflex V2 is able to detect robustly several functionally important miRNAs that partially or completely evade detection by the widely used Illumina library preparation protocols.” Baran-Gale et al. Front. Genet., 22 December 2015

Kit Specs

The shelf life of all reagents is 12 months when safely stored at -20°C. Delivered on ice.

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