NEXTflex® NGS Library Prep Kits

NEXTflex® NGS Library Prep Kits

From PerkinElmer Bioo Scientific

The industry leading NEXTflex® kits for preparing RNA or DNA sample libraries for Illumina® compatible Next Generation Sequencing are available in Israel from Syntezza. These premier kits incorporate Bioo Scientific’s patented advanced NGS library prep technology. They provide higher library yields and better mapped reads than the leading competitor. NEXTflex® kits supplied by Syntezza are bundled to include indexing barcodes enabling NGS sequencing of multiple samples in each run.

NEXTflex® NGS library prep kits available from Syntezza

About PerkinElmer Bioo Scientific

With 9,000 employees serving over 150 countries, PerkinElmer is a global leader in Life Science and healthcare. In 2016, Perkin-Elmer acquired Texas-based Bioo Scientific in recognition of Bioo Scientific’s innovative proprietary technology for NGS library preparation. The NEXTflex® NGS Library Prep Kits are truly cutting edge, with optimized clear protocols and consistent robust performance.

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