Say goodbye to your ice bucket.

 Brought to you by Syntezza Bioscience

Introducing Room Temperature Stable PCR-Ready Products™ from Syntezza.

These PCR reaction tubes are preloaded with a supreme quality complete PCR master mix in a dry, ready-to-use, room temperature stable format.

Save freezer space, These products may be stored and used at your bench for at least three months. No need for ice or refrigeration, simply rehydrate the reaction tubes you want to use today with diluted primers and template and start your PCR reaction.

Save an hour a day in prep time No freezing or thawing. Reduce the risk of pipetting error and contamination. Microtubes are preloaded with polymerase, dNTP mix, reaction buffer, magnesium chloride and a gel loading dye.PCR Ready tubes in bag

Performance packed – Product feature Syntezza-Supreme™ recombinant DNA polymerase and a specially formulated buffer. Demonstrates high specificity, high yield and robust amplification results equal to or better than the market leaders.


PCR-Ready™ High Yield includes a dye for direct tracking of your PCR separation in a gel and is optimized to provide a superior amplification in most primer-template systems.

PCR-Ready™ High Specificity includes a dye for direct tracking of your PCR separation in a gel and is optimized to provide minimal by-product formations with greater specificity.

PCR-Ready Promo 2-2006

Sample Gel of PCR Ready strip

PCR Ready™
Cat. No. Product Price Product Details
PCR-Y-48 PCR-Ready™ High Yield 48 Microtubes 155 NIS
PCR-Y-96 PCR-Ready™ High Yield 96 Microtubes 185 NIS
PCR-Y-192 PCR-Ready™ High Yield 192 Microtubes 340 NIS
PCR-S-48 PCR-Ready™ High Specificity 48 Microtubes 148 NIS
PCR-S-96 PCR-Ready™ High Specificity 96 Microtubes 180 NIS
PCR-S-192 PCR-Ready™ High Specificity 192 Microtubes 320 NIS


For ordering and assistance please contact Syntezza Bioscience, our staff of trained Molecular Biology professionals will be happy to assist you at info@syntezza.com

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