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Custom Peptides:

  • From mg to kg
  • From crude to 98% purity
  • From simple to complex
  • Quality confirmed by Mass Spec and HPLC

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Amino Acid Code
Alanine Ala (A)
Leucine Leu (L)
Arginine Arg (R)
Lysine Lys (K)
Asparagine Asn (N)
Methionine Met (M)
Aspartic Acid Asp (D)
Phenylalanine Phe (F)
Cysteine Cys (C)
Proline Pro (P)
Glutamic Acid Glu (E)
Serine Ser (S)
Glutamine Gln (Q)
Threonine Thr (T)
Glycine Gly (G)
Tryptophan Trp (W)
Histidine His (H)
Tyrosine Tyr (Y)
Isoleucine Ile (I)
Valine Val (V)
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