RNA-Seq & mRNA-Seq

RNA-Seq & mRNA-Seq


RNA-Seq provides fresh biological insight into the transcriptome, the entire set of RNA transcripts in a given cell for a specific developmental stage or physiological condition. It can be used to determine the structure of genes, their splicing patterns and other post transcriptional modifications, to detect rare and novel transcripts, and to quantify the changing expression levels of each transcript.

RNA-Seq can be also be used to assess mRNA expression in various disease states and changes in mRNA expression as a result of CRISPR or other gene editing interventions.


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Extraction - RNA-Seq Extraction per sample 40.00
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GenTegra Shipping - RNA-Seq GenTegra per sample 13.00
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Library Prep Poly A Capture - RNA Library Prep - Poly A capture - Transcriptome 400.00
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Library Prep RRNA Depletion - RNA Library Prep rRNA Depletion 950.00
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NGS Sequencing 650 To 800M Reads - RNA-Seq 1x100 650-800M reads 8,800.00
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NGS Sequencing 300 To 350M Reads - RNA-Seq 2x150, 300-350M reads 6,660.00
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NGS Sequencing 8000M Reads - RNA-Seq 2x150, 8000M reads 33,300.00
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Prior to preparing the RNA-Seq library, RNA will need to be extracted from your samples. We can pick up your samples and perform the RNA extraction at our facility. Alternatively, you can isolate the RNA at your lab and we can deliver GenTegra RNA tubes to your lab with instructions for stabilizing the extracted RNA samples. When your RNA samples are ready, we will return to your lab and transport the RNA to our facility for library preparation.

We offer two RNA library prep options:

  • RNA Seq with poly A capture Transcriptome for ₪ 400.00 per sample.
  • RNA Seq with rRNA Depletion for ₪ 950.00 per sample. 

When the library is complete, we will send it for sequencing and offer three options:

NGS Sequencer  Sequencing Cycles (SE/PE) Number of Reads Price per sample
Nova Seq 6000 100 (1 x 100) 650-800 M ₪ 8,880.00
Hi Seq 4000  300 (2 x 150) 300-350 M ₪ 6,660.00
Nova Seq 6000 300 (2 x 150) 8000 M ₪ 33,300.00

To obtain a formal price quotation, simply click on the Price Quote Tab, enter the  quantity of samples, click Add to Cart for each service you wish for us to perform and then click View Cart.

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