Small RNA-Seq

Small RNA-Seq


Small RNA species generally include the most common and well-studied microRNA (miRNA), small interfering RNA (siRNA), and piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA), as well as other types of small RNA, such as small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA) and small nuclear RNA (snRNA). Small RNA is a type of lowly abundant, short in length (<200 nt), non-protein-coding RNAs that lack polyadenylation. Small RNA populations can vary significantly among different tissue types and species. Generally, small RNAs are formed by fragmentation of longer RNA sequences with the help of dedicated sets of enzymes and other proteins.

NGS sequencing of Small RNA’s requires unique library prep kits and protocols specifically designed for Small RNA samples.


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Extraction - Small RNA Extraction per sample 40.00
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GenTegra Shipping - GenTegra-RNA per sample 13.00
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Library Prep - Small RNA Prep per sample 400.00
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NGS Sequencing 130M Reads - 1x150, 130M reads 6,837.60
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NGS Sequencing 130M Reads - 2x75, 130M reads 6,837.60
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NGS Sequencing 400M Reads - 1x75, 400M reads 8,791.20
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NGS Sequencing 400M Reads - 2x42, 400M reads 8,791.20
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Prior to preparing the Small RNA library, RNA will need to be extracted from your samples. We can pick up your samples and perform the RNA extraction at our facility. Alternatively, you can isolate the RNA at your lab and we can deliver GenTegra RNA tubes to your lab with instructions for stabilizing the extracted RNA samples. When your RNA samples are ready, we will return to your lab and transport the RNA to our facility for library preparation.

We will perform Small RNA library prep for ₪ 400.00 per sample.

When the library is complete, we will send it for sequencing on an Illumina NextSeq 500 instrument and offer two options per sample:

Sequencing Cycles (SE/PE) Number of Reads Price NIS
150 (1×150 or 2×75) 130 M ₪ 6,837.60
75 (2×42 or 1×75) 400 M ₪ 8,791.20

To obtain a formal price quotation, simply click on the Price Quote Tab, enter the  quantity of samples, click Add to Cart for each service you wish for us to perform and then click View Cart.



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