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shERWOOD shRNA Design + Optimized shRNA Processing = Superior Knockdown

shERWOOD-UltramiR shRNA Reagents Next generation vector-based RNAi triggers designed using the proprietary shERWOOD algorithm developed and validated in Dr. Gregory Hannon’s laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (Knott et al 2014). An alternate microRNA scaffold “UltramiR” has been optimized for increased shRNA processing and potency based on new information on the key determinants for primary microRNA processing (Auyeung et al 2013).

Sensor-based shRNA-mir constructs for performing RNAi in primary and non-dividing cells.             

  • shERWOOD algorithm designs ensure more efficient shRNA-mir processing and potency at single copy
  • microRNA-30 context increases knockdown specificity and reduces toxicity
  • All shRNA-mir designs are scored and ranked per gene
  • 100% Guaranteed Knockdown

shERWOOD UltramiR Pooled Screening Libraries Choice of promoter, reporter, gene content and more

Achieve superior RNAi screens with enhanced potency, sequence-verified  shRNA pools and flexible delivery strategies.

Greater confidence in your results
  • Every clone is sequence verified – eliminate unwanted background from mutations introduced in chip-based pools.
  • More potent shRNA per gene – decrease false positive and false negative results.
  • Equimolar pooling process – reduces variation between samples.
Choose the best promoter for your cells
  • Select the optimal promoter for your target cell line with a choice of promoters- Choose from SFFV, hCMV, mCMV and more…
Your choice of format
  • In vitro or in vivo pool formats. Pools can be subdivided into minipools for lower complexity and higher representation for in vivo or other applications that require less complex pools.
  • Choice of gene coverage – premade gene families or custom gene sets.
  • Ready to use lentiviral particles or plasmid DNA format.
Pool Deconvolution Service
  • NGS analysis service – send us your genomic DNA and receive counts for every shRNA construct.
  • Optimized indexed primer kit available for NGS (Illumina platform)

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