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About  Transomic Technologies:

At transOMIC technologies we believe deeply in the power of science and technology to advance our understanding of biological systems to ultimately improve the quality of life. Our company will provide next-generation research tools to help unravel genetic complexity and understand disease development. This mission, coupled with a deep understanding of the tools that life science researchers need, drives our focus to be a research partner; delivering technologies in a cost-effective and technically supported manner to enable discovery across the genome.

Transomic Products:

  1. transEDIT™ CRISPR-Cas9 Reagents – Optimized gRNA designs, versatile vectors and flexible formats for gene editing.
  2. PLATINUM Select shRNA-mir Reagents  – Sensor-based shRNA-mir constructs for performing RNAi in primary and non-dividing cells. 100% Guaranteed knockdown.
  3. Pooled shRNA Screening Libraries– Target the genome, epigenome, kinome, cancer metabolism and more. Sensor-based shERWOOD algorithm designs for potent single copy knockdown
  4. MGC premier cDNA Clones  – Full-length, sequence guaranteed clones representing human, mouse, rat, bovine, Xenopus and zebrafish genomes. Best value at $99
  5. Expression-ready cDNA Clones – All clones have been fully sequenced and are guaranteed for sequence integrity and expression of the cloned gene. Choose your selectable marker for transient or stable expression.
  6. Tagged ORF Clones  – Expression-ready with Myc and FLAG tags. Choice of fusion tags – N or C terminal fusions. ORF insert is completely re-sequenced before delivery. 100% guaranteed sequence and expression. Lentiviral tagged ORFs also available.
For more information about Transomic Technologies and their products please see their website
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