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TriLink is the world’s leading manufacturer of messenger RNA (mRNA), based on its proprietary CleanCap® mRNA capping technology. Since 2012, TriLink has been the address for mRNA synthesis for research and clinical applications.

CleanCap Technology

In cells, the ribosome translates mRNA into proteins. mRNA in eukaryotic cells has either a 5′ Cap 1 or Cap 2 [m7G(5′)ppp(5′)G] structure which stabilizes the mRNA and enhances translation. A cap can be incorporated in the mRNA transcription by including a mixture of cap analog and NTPs. Greater than 90% of transcribed mRNA will possess a 5′ cap, while the remaining mRNA will be uncapped. In some cases it is desirable to remove the 5′ triphosphate with a phosphatase treatment.

TriLink’s CleanCap analog enables high capping efficiencies (90%+) resulting in more biologically active mRNA per transcription. It also produces a natural Cap 1 structure. Efficient translation of the mRNA into protein also requires a poly(A) tail. This can be efficiently introduced by including a poly(dT) stretch at the end of the transcription template. This can also be accomplished by an additional post-transcription PCR step that utilizes a primer containing the poly(dT) stretch. Learn more about CleanCap

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