Custom Targeted Genotyping for Plants and Animals

We have found the Allegro system from Tecan Genomics to be the most efficient and cost-effective option for creating custom panels for specific detection of 500 to over 100,000 SNPs in areas of interest.

This system utilizes single primer enrichment technology (SPET) and can be applied to as little initial input as 200ng of DNA. This highly flexible design process enables easy addition of new content at a later point and scalable multiplexing of thousands of samples per sequencing run.

Our team will help you procure your custom panel. We will then complete the library, including incorporation of the enrichment panel, for ₪ 75 per sample.

Allegro enriched libraries utilize custom primers in the sequencing and require a dedicated sequencing run.

Custom Allegro panels are available at the following prices:

Number of TargetsNumber of ReactionsPrice per reaction
 < 5,0009684 ₪
< 5,00019274 ₪
25,000 – 50,00096102 ₪
25,000 – 50,00019292 ₪
50,000 – 100,000’s96 – 768Inquire