ApplicationSelect Kit to Learn MoreInput RangePrice (NIS)
DNA OncologyIDT - xGen cfDNA & FFPE DNA Library Prep Kit1ng - 250ng2570 / 16 samples
Ancient, Damaged or Ultra-Low Input DNAIDT - xGen ssDNA & Low-Input DNA Library Prep Kit10pg - 100ng2,543 / 16 samples
Methyl-Seq Ultra Low InputIDT - xGen Methylation-Sequencing DNA Library Prep Kit100pg - 100ng4,370 / 16 samples
Human ExomeIDT - xGen Exome Hybridization Panel500ng DNA Library12,180 /16 samples. Library kit & indexing primers extra
Custom DNA EnrichmentIDT - xGen Custom Hybridization Capture Panels500ng DNA LibraryInquire
OncologyIDT - xGen Oncology & Inherited Diseases Amplicon Panels 10ng - 100ng11,000 to 11,375
CRISPR Custom Off-TargetIDT - rhAmpSeq CRISPR Panels10ng - 50ng130 / per primer pair
16S and ITS Amplicon Seq: full 16S regionIDT - xGen Metagenomics Amplicon Panel 10pg for microbial isolates; 1ng - 50ng for metagenomic samples1,700 / 96 samples. Amplicon kit & indexing primers extra.
Predesigned Amplicon PanelsIDT - xGen Predesigned Amplicon Panels 10ng - 25ngInquire

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