PCR.ai Software for Clinical Labs

PCR.ai is a revolutionary software product that improves accuracy and fully-automates interpretation of qPCR diagnostic test results, while saving time and cutting cost.

Syntezza will install and validate the software for your specific diagnostic assays at no charge.

To learn more, contact rafi@www.syntezza.com or call 02-586-7138 ext. 2.

Key Advantages

  • PCR.ai insures that the clinical qPCR test diagnostic findings in your lab will be reliable, error-free and standardized.
  • PCR.ai effortlessly takes in run data and provides diagnostic findings. The automated process is quick and eliminates 95% of the need for manual data analysis and expert interpretation by medical laboratory staff.
  • PCR.ai works with every major qPCR instrument platform and diagnostic test assay. At its heart, the software uses patented Artificial Intelligence (ai) technology to develop an optimize assay-specific algorithm for interpreting the qPCR results produced in your laboratory.
  • PCR.ai is used by leading clinical laboratories in the US, UK and India. It has been validated in multiple independent studies with over 250,000 samples – demonstrating 99.9% accuracy (Hussel et al; Clinical Virology Symposium, USA 2015).
  • PCR.ai eliminates risk.

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