NGS Services

Syntezza’s NGS Services is a one-stop address for your NGS projects.

Our NGS specialists will help you at no charge select the best service package to meet your research goals. We can perform the (1) Library Prep/enrichment, (2) Sequencing and (3) Bioinformatics or any of these three processes per you request.

Our delivery staff will pick up your sample and bring it to our laboratory in Jerusalem where we will prepare and, as needed, enrich your library and send it for sequencing.

We bring to your project the high-quality tools critical for obtaining high quality NGS results. Syntezza distributes in Israel PerkinElmer’s premier NGS Library Prep kits & its disease focused panels and well as distributing IDT’s complete line of NGS enrichment, adaptors and hybridization products.

We have partnered with several NGS sequencing facilities to enable selection of the best turn around and pricing for your specific NGS project.

Upon completion of the sequencing, your NGS data will be uploaded to a secure account for our bioinformatic analysis.

High quality service and accurate results at a competitive price.

Contact us today at or call 02-586-7138 ext. 2.