GenTegra System Enables Ice-Free Shipping of DNA and RNA

GenTegra System Enables Ice-Free Shipping of DNA and RNA


RNA is unstable — and precious. GenTegra RNA stops RNA degradation at the source by stopping RNase activity as soon as it is added to the RNA solution. GenTegra RNA also prevents hydrolysis and oxidation, while freezing merely slows these processes. Your RNA samples are stabilized in both the liquid form for safer handling, and after drying for shipping or long term storage. GenTegra RNA is like insurance against delays when shipping samples. Delays of a few days or even weeks will not destroy your precious samples, which can happen if the delay exhausts the dry ice or ice packs. Start using GenTegra RNA and stop worrying about the quality of your samples.


25 tubes

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GenTegra-RNA does far more than just protect your RNA while it is in storage. The second the RNA is placed into GenTegra-RNA it is protected from all RNase damage and when dried the RNA is ready for safe and secure shipment at ambient temperatures. An independent study shows GenTegra-RNA protects the RNA better than shipment on dry ice. And unlike dry ice, GenTegra-RNA goes on protecting the RNA even if the shipment is delayed for days or weeks or longer. And the savings in shipping cost will more than pay for the GenTegra-RNA.


When a solution of GenTegra-DNA and DNA are dried, the GenTegra-DNA concentrates around the DNA forming a glass like coating that forms a cocoon like barrier protecting the DNA for oxidative and other forms of attack. This protection is effective without the need for and special storage conditions or humidity control. Once the GenTegra-DNA and DNA are dried the dry components are completely stable at normal ambient temperatures without humidity concerns.


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GenTegra-DNA Screw Cap, GenTegra-RNA Screw Cap


25 Pack, 100 Pack


Gentegra-DNA User Manual

Gentegra-RNA User Manual

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