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IDT xGen Accessories


xGen Universal Blocking Oligos 

  • Bind and block library dual- or single-index adapter sequences to reduce off-target capture during library enrichment
  • Reduce sequencing cost per sample by improving on-target performance
  • Eliminate complicated blocker selection by using worry-free formulations compatible with library prep kits, such as Illumina’s ligation-based TruSeq® kit or Illumina’s Nextera® kit
  • Reduce workflow steps with a convenient premixed ready-to-use predesignated mixes in liquid formulation

xGen Hybridization and Wash Kit

  • Buffers, Cot DNA and streptavidin beads required for hybridization capture of DNA.

Human Cot DNA

  • Human Cot DNA is enriched for repetitive, non-coding elements commonly found in genomic DNA. These repetitive sequences often lead to non-specific binding during hybridization reactions. Adding Cot DNA to these reactions reduces non-specific binding associated with these repetitive sequences to improve accuracy.
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Hybridization And Wash Kit, 16 Rxn 1080577 1,500.00
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Hybridization And Wash Kit, 96 Rxn 1080584 7,770.00
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Universal Blockers—TS Mix, 16 Rxn 1075474 4,560.00
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Universal Blockers—TS Mix, 96 Rxn 1075475 21,380.00
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Universal Blockers—TS Mix, 4 X 96 Rxn 1075476 104,500.00
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Universal Blockers—NXT Mix, 16rxn 1079584 4,379.66
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Universal Blockers—NXT Mix, 96rxn 1079585 21,306.55
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Universal Blockers—NXT Mix, 4x96rxn 1079586 78,124.08
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Human Cot DNA, 150 µL 1080768 300.00
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Human Cot DNA, 650 µL 1080769 1,265.00
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IDT currently offers three different ready-to-use, universal blocker reagents. xGen Universal Blockers—TS Mix blocks Illumina LT (p5, p7 – 6 nt and 8 nt) and HT (i5, i7) adapters and is compatible with ligation-based library prep kits, such as Illumina TruSeq kits. xGen Universal Blockers—10 bp TS Mix is compatible with ligation-based library prep kits that use 10 bp index barcodes. xGen Universal Blockers—NXT Mix contains adapter blockers that are optimized for use with Illumina Nextera library prep kits.

All xGen Blocking Oligos are compatible with any xGen Lockdown® Panel or custom xGen Lockdown Probe set. Each oligo is individually synthesized and assessed by mass spectrometry for quality control.

xGen Universal Blockers are offered in 16-, 96-, and 4 x 96-reaction formats for convenient experiment design and for use with xGen Lockdown Panels or xGen Lockdown Probe sets.

The xGen Hybridization and Wash Kit comprises hybridization and wash buffers, Cot DNA, and streptavidin beads that have been optimized for in-solution target enrichments using xGen Lockdown Probes and Panels. This workflow is compatible with NGS libraries prepared using ligation-based techniques, such as TruSeq® library kits, and Nextera® DNA library preparation kits.

Human Cot DNA is a commonly used reagent in genomics applications that rely on probe-target hybridization. The Cot DNA is used to block nonspecific cross hybridization, reducing background noise and improving signal specificity. Cot DNA is isolated from human placental DNA using methods that enrich for repetitive sequences such as the Alu and Kpn families, and sheared to a size range of 50–300 bp.

IDT Human Cot DNA is supplied in 1X Tris EDTA, pH 8.0, at a concentration of 1 mg/mL. Store at –20℃.

The human material used in the production of Human Cot DNA has tested negative for hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus (HCV), human immunodeficiency viruses type-1 and type-2 (HIV-1, HIV-2), and rapid plasma regain titer.

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Hybridization and Wash Kit, 16 rxn, Hybridization and Wash Kit, 96 rxn, Universal Blockers—TS Mix, 16 rxn, Universal Blockers—TS Mix, 96 rxn, Universal Blockers—TS Mix, 4 x 96 rxn, Universal Blockers—NXT Mix, 16rxn, Universal Blockers—NXT Mix, 96rxn, Universal Blockers—NXT Mix, 4x96rxn, Human Cot DNA, 150 µL, Human Cot DNA, 650 µL


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