Enrichment Panels & Pools

Enrichment Panels & Pools


Targeted genotyping  NGS with an enrichment panel for SNP detection, Guide-Seq or insert location.

We offer a range of product options, including predesigned panels and custom pools.



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Tecan Genomics’ Allegro Targeted Genotyping System utilizes single primer enrichment technology (SPET) to create a custom panel for specific detection of 500 to > 100,000 SNPs of interest, from low input of 10ng – 100ng of DNA. Highly flexible design process enables easy addition of new content  and scalable multiplexing of thousands of samples per sequencing run. Pricing for Custom Allegro Panels      

IDT’s xGen Exome Research Panel v2 incorporates hybrid capture technology using 415,115 pooled individually synthesized Lockdown Probes. IDT’s exome panel provides the most consistent performance and complete coverage of any exome panel on the market, at the most competitive price. Pricing for Exome Research Panel v2

xGen Predesigned Gene Capture Pools contain individually synthesized Lockdown Probes pre-formulated into individual gene pools for easy selection and setup of custom target panels. Generate deep and uniform coverage data through superior hybridization capture performance, you can choose only the genes you want and obtain full exon coverage for each gene in your pool. Pricing for Predesigned Gene Capture Pools

IDT’s Custom rhAmpSeq is a cost-effective system for detecting from 5-5,000 SNP targets. The system uses RNA-base–containing blocked primers (rhAmp primers) a proprietary technology that harnesses the intrinsic properties of the RNase H2 enzyme to recognize and cleave DNA:RNA duplexes. Pricing for Custom rhAmpSeq

IDT’s Custom Hybrid Capture Pools contain individually synthesized Lockdown Probes formulated to deliver consistent, convenient, best-in-class performance. Develop custom panels that are delivered quickly (7–10 business days for orders <2000 probes). Pricing for Custom Hybrid Capture Pools

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