Library Prep Kits

Library Prep Kits


We offer premier NGS library prep kits for every application. These kits empower you to confidently process samples from diverse sources, of variable quality and input amounts, leading to high quality sequencing results. Pricing is per sample for 96-reaction kits with standard adapters. Additional kits sizes and options are available. Contact or call 02-586-7138 Ext: 4 for details.

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Universal Plus mRNA-Seq Prep mRNA 185.00
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Universal Prokaryotic RNA-Seq Prep Prokaryotic RNA 369.00
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Solo RNA-Seq Prep SoLo RNA 315.00
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Trio RNA-Seq Prep Trio RNA 518.00
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Ultralow DNA-Seq Prep Ultralow DNA 135.00
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Celero DNA-Seq Prep Celero DNA-Seq 130.00
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Ultralow Methyl-Seq Prep Ultralow Methyl 296.00
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RRBS Methyl-Seq Prep RRBS Methyl 315.00
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TriLink Small RNA-Seq Prep Small RNA 273.00
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The eight NGS library prep kits from Tecan Genomics, together with TriLinks’ Small RNA-Seq library prep kit cover all common applications. These premier kits incorporate advanced features that address common limitations, and maximize informative sequencing from any sample.

Library Prep Kits

Application Kit Name Input Range
mRNA Tecan Genomics Universal Plus mRNA-Seq with NuQuant (includes UDI-UMI) 10ng – 1µg
Microbial RNA Tecan Genomics Universal Prokaryotic RNA-Seq with NuQuant (available with UDI-UMI) 100ng
RNA for rRNA depletion Tecan Genomics Trio RNA-Seq with rRNA depletion (available with UDI-UMI) 500pg – 50ng
Low volume RNA Tecan Genomics Ovation® SoLo® RNA-Seq System with rRNA depletion (includes UMI) 10pg – 100ng
Small RNA TriLink CleanTag® Small RNA Library Prep Kit 1ng – 1,000ng
DNA Tecan Genomics Celero PCR Workflow with Enzymatic Fragmentation and NuQuant (available with UDI) 10ng – 1µg
Low volume DNA Tecan Genomics Ovation Ultralow Library System V2 (available with UDI-UMI) 10pg – 100ng
Methylation arrays Tecan Genomics Ovation RRBS Methyl-Seq with TrueMethyl oxBS (available with UMI) 100ng
Low volume methyl-seq libraries Tecan Genomics Ovation Ultralow Methyl-Seq with TrueMethyl oxBS 10ng – 300ng

Advantages of purchasing NGS Library Prep Kits from Syntezza

  • Premier performance at competitive pricing.
  • Streamline workflows with rapid, simple and fully automatable protocols for all sample types (including standard mRNA-Seq, DNA-Seq and Targeted Genotyping) including Ultra-Low (pg/single cell/FFPE) sample quantities.
  • Eliminate the need to normalize between samples or titrate adaptors using DimerFree library preparation technology.
  • Increase the number of samples that can be processed using a single workflow, with library preparation kits suitable across a broad dynamic range.
  • Simplify your ordering and inventory, with modular and customizable kits.
  • The Trio low input RNA-Seq library preparation combines three powerful technologies: (1) Single Primer Isothermal Amplification (SPIA) enabling access to limited and degraded samples. (2)Enzymatic fragmentation and DimerFree library construction allowing efficient and robust library preparation. (3) AnyDeplete customizable transcript depletion after library construction maximizing informative sequencing reads from whole transcriptome data.
  • Offer a variety of indexing solutions, including Unique Dual Indexes to mitigate concerns over “index hopping”, and the Metaplex® Module to enable multiplexing of 1,000s of samples. As well as Unique Molecular Indexes for RNA quantification applications and confidence calling in somatic low-variant application.
  • Reduce labor and time with simplified protocols containing fewer addition and purification steps. Save costs by reducing tip and plate consumption.
  • Get personalized technical support and assistance in setting up automation solutions with our knowledgeable in-house experts as well as hands-on training with our field application specialists at the Syntezza lab in Jerusalem or in your lab.

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Universal Plus mRNA-Seq, Universal Prokaryotic RNA-Seq, Solo RNA-Seq, Trio RNA-Seq, Ultralow DNA-Seq, Celero DNA-Seq, Ultralow Methyl-Seq, RRBS Methyl-Seq, TriLink Small RNA-Seq


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