Safe Shipping with GenTegra Sample Stabilization

Safe Shipping with GenTegra Sample Stabilization


In preparation for your NGS project, Syntezza can deliver to your lab the appropriate number of GenTegra tubes or plates required to stabilize your samples for transport to our facilities in Jerusalem.

GenTegra technology enables transport of DNA or RNA samples at ambient temperature without any fear of degradation, sample loss or delay in shipping.

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DNA TubeGT-DNA-Tube (min. 16 tubes per order)12.00
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RNA TubeGT-RNA-Tube (min 14 tubes per order)14.00
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1 DNA PlateGT-DNA-Plate500.00
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2 DNA PlatesGT-DNA-Plate-2900.00
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3 DNA PlatesGT-DNA-Plate-31,200.00
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4 DNA PlatesGT-DNA-Plate-41,400.00
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Whether your sample is RNA or DNA, drying your sample in a GenTegra tube or 96-well plate enables the GenTegra solution to concentrate around your sample forming a glass like coating that forms a cocoon like barrier protecting the sample from all RNase or DNase damage, oxidation and other forms of attack. An independent study shows GenTegra-RNA protects the RNA better than shipment on dry ice.


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DNA Tube, RNA Tube, RNA Plate, 1 DNA Plate, 2 DNA Plates, 3 DNA Plates, 4 DNA Plates


Gentegra-DNA User Manual

Gentegra-RNA User Manual

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