Adapters – TruSeq

Adapters – TruSeq


Cost effective options for use with Illumina’s TruSeq NGS sequencing:

  • Unique Dual Index (UDI) Adapters 
  • Single Index Adapters
  • Dual Index Adapters
  • Unique Molecular Dual Indexed (UMI) Adapter Duplexes

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IDT UDI's 25 Rxn IDT-UDI Per Adaper 630.00
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TS LT Kit A 600 Pmol IDT-TS-LT-A-600p 3,956.94
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TS LT Kit A 1.2 Nmol IDT-TS-LT-A-1.2nm 6,594.88
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TS LT Kit B 600 Pmol IDT-TS-LT-B-600p 3,956.94
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IDT UMI's 25 Rxn IDT-UMI-per Adapter 630.00
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Unique Dual Indexed (UDI) Adapters 

  • Illumina recommends using UDIs as a method to mitigate errors introduced by index-hopping. Suitable for both paired-end and single-end sequencing. Each UDI Adapter carries a unique 8-base barcode, 384 barcodes available.
  • IDT xGen UDI Duplexes: Available as individual Adapters, delivered as a 15 uM solution (2nmole), sufficient for ~25 reactions.

Single Index Adapters

  • IDT TS-LT Single Index Adapter Kit A: Includes TS Amplification Primer Mix, plus the 12 indexed Adapters of Illumina Kit A.
  • IDT TS-LT Single Index Adapter Kit B: Includes TS Amplification Primer Mix, plus the 12 indexed Adapters of Illumina Kit B.
    • Each indexed adapter is delivered annealed to the Universal Adapter, delivered at a concentration of 15 µM
    • Two sizes available: 600 pmol (for 8 rxns of 5µl) and 1.2 nmol (for 16 rxns of 5µl)

IDT’s xGen Unique Molecular Indexed (UMI) Adapter Duplexes

  • UMI Adapters are identical to the UDI Adapters but carry a short sequence of random bases, that incorporate a unique barcode onto each molecule within a given sample library. UMIs increase sensitivity of variant detection and are meant to reduce the rate of false-positive variant calls during SNP detection. UMI adapters are available at the same price as UDI adapters!

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IDT UDI's 25 rxn, IDT UMI's 25 rxn


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