Ultra Small DNA or RNA Samples

Ultra Small DNA or RNA Samples


Challenging samples with low input of RNA or DNA require unique NGS  library preparation. These include cell-free DNA, purified DNA, RNA or cDNA generated from cell lines, fresh and FFPE tissue, liquid biopsy and fragmented samples.

We have the specialized library prep kits and the experience required to meet these challenges.

We can prepare an effective NGS library from input levels as low as 500 pg – 50 ng of total RNA or 10 pg of DNA.


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Ultra-low DNA Library Prep UltraLow DNA Prep 520.00
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Trio RNA Library Prep Trio RNA Prep 950.00
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SoLo RNA Library Prep Solo RNA Prep 700.00
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Sequencing 2x150 350M reads Sequencing 2x150 350M 6,475.00
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Sequencing 1x50 20M reads RNA Sequencing 1x50 20M 710.00
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Sequencing 2x150 10M reads Sequencing 2x150 10M 213.00
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DNA or RNA extraction and shipping 

The first step in this process is efficient isolation of the DNA or RNA. We can pick up your  samples and perform the DNA or RNA extraction at our facility or you can isolate the DNA or RNA at your lab. DNA and RNA extraction services are available from ₪25.00 to ₪80.00 per sample.

GenTegra technology enables shipping of  DNA or RNA samples at ambient temperature without any fear of degradation, sample loss or delay in transport.

If you isolate the DNA or RNA at your lab, we will deliver to your lab the appropriate number of GenTegra DNA or RNA tubes with instructions for stabilizing the extracted DNA or RNA. When you are ready, we will return to your lab and transport the DNA or RNA to our facility for library preparation. We will also use GenTegra tubes to safely transport your prepared libraries to the NGS sequencing facility. The cost of shipping and handling is a minimum ₪ 200 for the order, which includes either GenTegra DNA tubes for up to 16 samples or GenTegra RNA tubes for up to 14 samples.

Ultra-low DNA-Seq V2, for ₪ 520 per sample

Solution for ultra-low input of purified DNA or cDNA generated from cell lines, fresh and FFPE tissue, liquid biopsy and cell-free DNA. Includes DimerFree™ technology that allows for efficient library preparation with virtually no adaptor dimers even at input levels as low as 10 pg.

Trio RNA-Seq with rRNA Depletion, for ₪ 950 per sample

RNA solution for liquid biopsy, FFPE and other challenging samples with low input (500 pg – 50 ng of total RNA).  Combines three powerful technologies:

  1. Single Primer Isothermal Amplification (SPIA) enabling access to limited and degraded samples.
  2. Enzymatic fragmentation and DimerFree library construction allowing efficient and robust library preparation.
  3. AnyDeplete customizable transcript depletion after library construction maximizing informative sequencing reads from whole transcriptome data.

This process includes Unique Dual Indexes conveniently configured in a pre-plated format as 96 unique barcode pairs. This unique workflow provides whole transcriptome libraries with no adaptor dimers and integrated transcript depletion enabling increased detection and more uniform coverage of transcripts.

Trio low input RNA-Seq is offered with AnyDeplete probes targeting Human rRNA. AnyDeplete probe sets can be customized to any transcript from any organism.

SoLo RNA Seq with rRNA Depletion, for ₪ 700 per sample.

Solution for ultra-low input or single cell (10 pg to 10 ng of total RNA or cell lysates from 1-500 cells). Includes DimerFree™ technology that allows for efficient library preparation with virtually no adaptor dimers. This process can be performed using a dedicated single index or Unique Dual Indexes adapters for each reaction and provides high-fidelity amplification across a broad range of GC content.

NGS Sequencing

When the library is complete, we will send it for sequencing and offer three options:

NGS Sequencer  Read Size Number of Reads Price
Hi SeqX 2 x 150 bp 350 M  ₪ 6475
Nova Seq (RNA only) 1 x 50 bp 20 M  ₪ 710
Nova Seq 2 x 150 bp 10 M ₪ 213

Bioinformatic result analysis services are also available. Contact our NGS specialists for bioinformatics pricing. Contact us today at NGS@syntezza.com or call 02-586-7138.

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Ultra-low DNA Library Prep, Trio RNA Library Prep, SoLo RNA Library Prep, Sequencing 2×150 350M reads, Sequencing 1×50 20M reads, Sequencing 2×150 10M reads

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