RNA-Seq provides fresh biological insight into the transcriptome, the entire set of RNA transcripts in a given cell for a specific developmental stage or physiological condition. It can be used to determine the structure of genes, their splicing patterns and other post transcriptional modifications, to detect rare and novel transcripts, and to quantify the changing expression levels of each transcript.

RNA-Seq can be also be used to assess mRNA expression in various disease states and changes in mRNA expression as a result of CRISPR or other gene editing interventions.
Optimal NGS library preparation for RNA-Seq requires selection of the right library prep kit and protocol for the specific application, sample type and sample quantity. The NGS Syntezza team maintains a series of exceptional RNA-Seq library kits and protocols.

RNA libraries can be prepared with customizable transcript depletion targeting Human rRNA or any transcript from any organism. Whole transcriptome libraries can be constructed with no adaptor dimers and integrated transcript depletion enabling increased detection and more uniform coverage of transcripts.

Ultra-low RNA libraries with rRNA depletion and custom depletion options can be prepared with virtually no adaptor dimers and providing high-fidelity amplification across a broad range of GC content from as a little as 10pg of total RNA or a single cell lysate.