Whole Genome Sequencing

Sample extraction, library preparation and whole genome sequencing are available for every type of DNA sample, including samples from plant, animal, human, bacteria or virus. In additional, sequencing of microorganisms from environmental samples such as soil or water, termed Shotgun Metagenomic, can be performed.

We utilize different library preparation kits depending upon sample type, quantity and integrity. These include kits and protocols for:

  • High-quality DNA
  • Degraded or damaged DNA
  • cfDNA (cell-free or circulation-free) degraded DNA fragments, such as circulating tumor DNA, cell-free mitochondrial DNA and cell-free fetal DNA.
  • FFPE (Formalin fixed paraffin embedded) tissue
  • cDNA from tissue, cell lines, FFPE or liquid biopsy
  • ssDNA (single stranded DNA)

Sample input from as low as 10pg.